Beautiful yet functional watchface with a hour-by-hour weather forecast, step counter, health and heartrate.

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๐Ÿ”‘ Unlock PRO features

  • Unlock precise Dark Sky forecast data
  • Get premium themes and customization options
  • Support Weathergraph development
Unlock for Garmin

You will get a single unlock key that will work on any Garmin watch.

Unlock for Pebble

You will be able to activate Weathergraph PRO on all of your current and future Pebble watches.

Do you already have PRO on Pebble and you would like to activate it on another Pebble (or Rebble)?

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โ“ Q&A

Why pay for Dark Sky when some apps just let users enter their developer key?
Dark Sky developer keys are not meant to be used to work around their pricing. Dark Sky is an awesome service, backed by a lot of work, and I believe guys and girls deserve to be paid. That's why Weathergraph is properly using their paid API and paying for the use.
Thanks for considering. ~Tomas
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