Beautiful yet functional watchface with a hour-by-hour weather forecast, step counter, health and heartrate.

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  • Support Weathergraph development
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โ“ Questions and answers

Why pay for Dark Sky when some apps just let users enter their developer key? (link)
Dark Sky developer keys are not meant to be used to work around their pricing. Dark Sky is an awesome service, backed by a lot of work, and I believe the guys and girls running it deserve to be paid. That's why Weathergraph is properly using their paid API and paying for the use.
Thanks for considering. ~Tomas
How to add a custom location override on Garmin: (link)

In Weathergraph watchface settings, use the "Manual location override" field.

Please enter the location in lat,lon format, eg. 50.075539,14.437800. Or you can copy and paste coordinates from Google Maps in (lat, lon) format, like (50.0993027, 14.4477293).

You can find a latitude and longitude of a place on (copy a "Lat Long" format from there).

My Garmin shows No location: (link)

Watchfaces can only get location shortly after a gps lock. Please lock the GPS (by starting the activity and waiting until the GPS turns green), then exit back to watchface, and wait for 5–10 minutes (watchfaces are only allowed to connect to internet once in a while).

My Garmin cannot fetch or update forecast, and it shows an error code (like -104): (link)

Please check that the watch is connected to the phone (a Bluetooth icon show on top of the watchface) and that the phone is running the Connect app (sometimes it gets killed by phone to save memory). Then wait for 5–10 minutes (watchfaces are only allowed to connect to internet once in a while).

If you are interested, you can look up the error yourself in Garmin documentation.

Sometimes there's an error related to Bluetooth (BLE in a list above) – this might be fixed by restarting the watch and the phone (this affects all apps on the watch).

If you couldn't fix it, please e-mail me.

My location on Garmin is 'drifting' away from my real location, by 10 or 100s of km per day (mainly on Vivoactive 3), so the forecast is shown for completely different cities (link)

This is a known bug in GPS firmware that Garmin has not yet fixed - the GPS gets into a mode where it 'goes away' from a location of a last fix in a random direction and speed, sometimes 10 or 100s of kilometers per day.

I reported the problem to Garmin in their forum (VA3 + F5 FW bug - ActivityInfo.currentLocation drifts away 10s of km per day), in november 2018, but so far it hasn't been fixed. It would help if you would join in and ask Garmin to fix this.

Meanwhile, this can be worked around by getting a new GPS fix, or by adding an override location.

I have another question:
โœ‰๏ธ E-mail me :). Thanks!